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The administrative district of the same name consists of the quarters Letná, Holešovice, Bubny, Bubeneč, Troja as well as a small part of Libeň. It’s one of the smallest Prague districts and stretches along the left bank of the Vltava. In the Northern part is located Troja with the world-famous Prague Zoo. It’s linked to the city centre by metro line C. Other attractions in Prague 7 include the stadium of famous Czech football club AC Sparta, cultural centre DOX and the former trade fair centre Veletržní palác. Its parks Stromovka and Letná rank among the biggest in the capital.

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Country: Czech Republic
Region: Prague, the Capital City
Area: 7.10 km2 (3 sq mi)
Population: 42 902 (31. 12. 2015)
Density: 5,753/km2 (14,900/sq mi)
Mayor: Jan Čižinský

Areas of Development and Development Goals, Prague 7, 2016-2022

Prague 7 The District of Art and Culture
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