We are pleased to introduce our new website Prague for all, which is primarily intended for migrants living in Prague. At the same time, this website provides useful information for all residents of the capital of Prague, which is becoming more and more culturally diverse, just like a number of other European cities.

This website is intended for all residents of the culturally diverse city of Prague.

You will find here information which will help you find your way around the capital city. You will learn about the Prague offices and authorities responsible for promoting the integration of migrants and cohabitation of all people living in Prague. You will find an explanation of why it is important to support integration and peaceful cohabitation in the capital and you will learn how you can get involved yourself. This website will also keep you informed about the latest events which take place in this area on the level of the Prague City Hall.

In this chapter you can also download all the necessary documents related to integration and cohabitation in the city of Prague. Migrants can download the latest version of the Information Brochure for free here and use it to understand how things work in the capital.

In the Contacts section you can get in touch with employees of the Prague City Hall and ask them questions related to this website or the policy and practice of integration and cohabitation in the territory of the capital city of Prague.

Migrants can also contact the Integration Centre of Prague directly, which has been established by the Prague City Hall.

All inhabitants of Prague can get to know each other better at cultural, community and sports events organised by the Integration Centre of Prague.