Due to the epidemiological situation, please limit your visits to the Town Hall offices and make use of email or telephone. You can
find the office hours and contact details on the Town Hall website, plus information is provided by the reception desk at tel.no.:
220 144 111. www.praha7.cz/objednat-online

On the website covid.praha.eu you can find an overview of free COVID-19 testing appointment times in Prague.

On Jankovcova in Holešovice, a new primary school for 540 children will be erected. Construction should start within two years.

A total of CZK 277 755 has been paid out from the Humanitarian Fund to citizens in acute need and the project Prague 7 for Seniors (care and lunches for seniors). You can support the collection in the transparent account 000123-2000870339/0800.

Prague City Council will release a call for tenders for renovating the Libeň Bridge. Construction work could start in 2022 and the bridge could be in operation at the end of 2025.

Submit applications for Prague 7 subsidies for 2021 in social and health areas, safety and drug prevention, culture, sport, education, the environment and caring for public space electronically from 2 to 8 November on Prague 7’s subsidy portal – Grantys. www.praha7.cz

The Centrum Locika platform www.detstvibeznasili.cz helps children in danger of domestic violence, as well as their parents or teachers. Centrum Locika also runs a chat and SOS line for children, who can also come in anonymously to the centre at Umělecká 6. www.detstvibeznasili.cz, centrumlocika.cz 

For more information – Tomáš Taich, taicht@praha7.cz, 220 144 190 / 603 372 148.