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Veronika Psotková: Together

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*The work of Veronika Psotková (born 1981) is based on the principles of realistic figurative sculpture. Her sculptures reference both classical and contemporary figurative artwork. In recent years she has been primarily focusing on unconventional spatial installations containing wireframe figures and objects.* She sees her wireframe sculptures as transparent sculptural drawings that are highly sensitive to changing light conditions. They thus create a parallel path and simultaneously a material counterpart to her realistic sculptural work using artificial stone, acrylic, and bronze. She likes exhibiting her wireframes suspended in outdoor locations, where they adapt to the context of the given location and allow new perspectives. In _Together_, consciously working with the specific architecture of the DOX Centre’s exhibition space, Psotková is presenting artworks made of stucco netting. She transforms this industrial product into figurative structures and accepts the material for what it is – with a characteristic tendency to rust and degrade over time, but simultaneously pliable and distinct. She shapes and stitches the netting into spatial “drawings” that she allows to become naturally discoloured by rust, subsequently spraying them with clear or coloured lacquer. Interior installations, which in her oeuvre are in the minority, permit a greater degree of experimentation. Lighting, which in outdoor locations is entirely dependent on the weather, here plays a key role. In her works, Veronika Psotková deals with topics of an autobiographical nature. Since 2007, when she created her first wire sculptures, she has dealt with family life, partnerships, and during the last five years also motherhood in her dynamic sculptural diary. Veronika Psotková graduated from the Sculpture I studio at the Faculty of Art, Brno University of Technology. Her work has been features in solo and group shows in the Czech Republic and abroad. She currently lives and works in Obora u Loun.

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