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Eliška Podzimková: The Little Prince

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A magical forest illuminated by a large moon, trees and fairy lights everywhere, fog spilling on the ground and a smell that is going to tickle visitor's nose. The space in which visitors find themselves in another world will be open at the interactive exhibition _Little Prince_ by famous artist Eliška Podzimková. The exhibition will be housed in Holešovice's Vnitroblock from 26 October 2019 to 31 November 2020 and will be dominated by pictures from new Little Prince edition illustrated by Eliška, which the author prepared in Iceland. The images from the book are also animated through the AR (augmented reality) ARTIVIVE application, which is free to download and through which visitors can play individual images. _“The concept of the exhibition is to create the magical world of the Little Prince, which impresses not only the eyes but also other human senses. The main goal is to cut off the visitors from everyday life and return them to childhood for a while,”_ reveals Eliška Podzimková. Eliška Podzimková (27 years) is a young artist from Prague, the Czech Republic. She is an endlessly creative multimedia artist whose unique wit, strong sense of design, and immense technical skill have all contributed to her international reputation as a pioneering animator, illustrator, and digital artist. Her unusual technique of blending live action photography and video with humorous yet emotionally poignant hand-drawn animation is universally appealing across genres and borders alike. Whether applying her art to award-winning short films, music videos, collaborative photography projects, or marketing campaigns for such clients as Jamie Oliver, _Vogue Magazine_, New York Film Academy and many others. *Opening hours:* Mon–Fri 15:00–20:00 Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00

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