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Jakub Nepraš: Digitální endemity

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The title of Jakub Nepraš's exhibition (1981) is based on the botanical environment. Endemic refers there to an organism that arose and occurs only in an exclusive geographical area and nowhere else. It is a specific biological "information" of its kind anchored in prehistory, the Tertiary and Quaternary, which travels across evolution not only as proof of itself, but also as a catalyst for processes and events participating in the further development of the whole and connecting the past with the future. Hypothetical digital endemics, whose existence the concept of the exhibition plays with, can then represent different elements on the technological level, up to the level of self-organized data systems, including AI. Both spheres then have a direct impact not only on human society, but also on the form of life in general and open up a network of questions that, although often not yet spoken, already concern us. At first glance, of course, they carry a certain isolation, but at the same time it is clear that they did not arise out of nothing, they speak out about an issue that is alive and have the opportunity to influence it. That already makes sense. Another thing they may be interested in is the search for a symbiosis between the means of natural and digital evolution. By often drawing attention to the problematic aspects of our existence in the sense of commentary, they also become filters that can help them solve and deflect dangerous reality on a personal level. At the same time, they continue to branch out through interaction and form the next evolutionary layer at new levels. **The vernissage begins at November 29th 19:00.**

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