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Reality Surfing

uvodni fotka

*Pyl invites a spectator to experience an alternative model of coexistence of people and inanimate entities and surf into a new reality composed in collaboration with sponges, oranges, machines, ghosts and other unexpected species.* *Pyl* is an international collective of artists who devise together in the field of postdramatic theatre, visual arts, sound and intermedia. Their practice explores the borders of anthropocentric perception in a dialog with objects and ironic attempts to grasp nonhuman agency. Through application of DIY methods, recycling and compilation principles, the group develops its own visual language, which extends the meanings of scenography far beyond the theatre stage. Their works shift cultural codes, contexts and origins of regular things, while transforming objects to beings and beings to objects. Sensitivity towards the dailiness, sharing moments and personal experiences in non-linear and playful ways transmit on the group's associative approach on coworking process.

Umělecké skupiny: Pyl
Umělci: Světlana Silič, Maria Komarova, Anna Romanova, Theresa Schrezenmeir

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