An autumn clean-up of Štvanice island along with the collective behind Vila Štvanice Theatre will take place 19 September. Bags and gloves will be available, with snacks at the bar and a free drink for every bag of trash you collect. Town hall is also organising a clean-up event on the same day; the meeting is at 10am in front of St Anthony Church, from whence we will set out to selected locations.

The organisation Fosa, which helps disadvantaged people with integration, will be celebrating its 10th birthday on 6 September from 1pm to 9pm at Cross Club with the Fosí Fest festival. Music, workshops for kids, a fire show and more.

A craft fair with a cultural programme for kids and more will be taking place in the Water Tower on 13 September and 18 October from 12:30pm to 5pm.

A neighbourhood flea market, music, theatre, climbing the towers of St Anthony’s, barbecuing, a documentary on the floods and even a game room with old computers – all this and
more awaits you at Zažít město jinak 19 September at several locations in Prague 7.

The traditional Prague Organic Fair will take place on 3 October from 9am to 5pm at the National Museum of Agriculture. The accompanying programme will offer a workshop on urban composting, dance music, and an exhibit of photographs from the life of organic farmers. There is free entrance to the museum as well. 

For more information – Tomáš Taich,, 220 144 190 / 603 372 148.