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Spots are set aside for summer grilling in Stromovka (two by the path along the railway to Kladno, two by the path to Císařský ostrov), while on Štvanice there are six fire pits where you can have an open fire. Lighting fires can be prohibited due to extreme weather conditions (dryness, extreme wind).

A new playground for ball sports at the Visionary administrative building is open daily from 8am to 6pm. The key for the playground is available at the building’s reception desk (Plynární 1617/10), reservations at: 226 202 281.

Open-air summer cinema is screened every Tuesday and Wednesday on the roof of Trade Fair Palace, and every Wednesday at Cross Club (free entry, bring a blanket to sit on), plus every Thursday at Stalin (free entry) and at Gauč ve Stromovce (festival films: CZK 100 entry). Kinoloď near the 156 bus stop V Přístavu screens daily.,,,,

On the occasion of 50 years since man landed on the Moon, Planetarium Prague is exhibiting the Eagle lunar module, which brought the first people to the Moon and which you can also examine from inside.

Rolls, bread and kitchen scraps can cause health problems for waterfowl. Ideal feed for them is corn, wheat, rye, oats and other grains; lettuce, vegetable scraps or peels; frozen peas or corn; birdseed or waterfowl kibble (sold in pet food stores).

For more information – Department of Integration of Foreigners and Ethnic Minorities, Tomáš Taich,, 220 144 190 / 603 372 148.