The Czech social security system is built on three pillars: compulsory social insurance (sickness insurance: sick pay, monetary assistance during maternity and nursing allowance, and pension insurance: old age, invalid, widows‘, widowers‘ and orphan’s pensions), state social support (benefits granted with regard to income: child benefits, housing allowances, birth allowances and benefits granted without regard to income: parental allowances, foster care allowances and death allowances) and social assistance in material need (living allowances, housing supplements and exceptional immediate aid).

Department of integration of foreigners and national minorities – tel. 220 144 190, 603 372 148 (counselling services, assistance when dealing with local authorities, etc.)

Prague 7 City District Authority

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Once the designated conditions have been met, the state social support payments may be made to foreigners permanently residing in the CR, foreigners who have been granted asylum or supplementary protection and EU citizens with registered stay of more than 3 months.

Other foreign citizens become entitled to the allowances after they have officially resided in the Czech Republic for 365 days since their registration (except for the duration of asylum procedures). Assistance in material need is granted to every person who stays in the Czech Republic legally. All employees have the right to receive sick pay and their contribution to the sickness insurance is mandatory by law, unlike self-employed persons, for whom sickness insurance is optional. As for the pension insurance, its height and contributions depend on the country of origin and duration of performance of work in the territory of the Czech Republic.

You can get more detailed information here:

Department of social and health care, Prague 7 City District,  tel. 220 144 147

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs