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Prague has been hit by a few floods during its history. The first huge flood was recorded in Prague in 1157 when the first wooden bridge across Vltava river was destroyed. This loss caused the need to build the stone bridge,which was given the name after the wife of then king Vladislav I (Judita´s bridge). Anoter big flood stroke Prague in 1432, the majority of the Old Town was flooded, the Old Time square was cruised on the boats. The water also almost ruined the new Charles Bridge.
The modern history of Prague  was also accompanied by the floods. In the end of February 1784 the great flood bursted into Prague as a result of the melting snow and heavy rainfalls. The flowage of the river was estimated 4500 cubic metres and this figure makes this flood the second largest in Prague´s history. The Charles bridge was spoiled again, the people living in Kampa had to be rescued and also the other inhabitans were endangered.
After more than hundred years in September 1890, water dramatically influenced the lives of people in Prague. There were  constant heavy rainfalls for four days in the whole area of Bohemia and on 4th September the flood wave reached Prague bringing the destruction for almost 4000 houses and causing the death for hundreds of people.

The flood in 2002 in Prague 7

The most destructive flood in Prague´s history was in August 2002. The fact, that the majority of  Prague 7 area is located by the river, caused that  Prague 7 fell within the places, which were mostly damaged.
The whole flood started on 6th and 7th August 2002, when it started to rain in the southern Bohemia, where the Vltava river springs. On 8th August the first factor of the flood danger was proclaimed (the flowage reached the 1500 cubic metres per second). On 8th August, the dams built on Vltava river were completely full and the flowage of Vltava was slowly but constantly rising. The decision was made to evacuate the islands- Trojský and Císařský. Next day the water in the dams on Vltava river were started to be discharged and it caused the further increase of the level of Vltava. As the situation was constantly deteriorating , the voluntary evacuation of Holešovice began in the evening of 12nd August. Most of the evacuated people found their provisory homes by their relatives, about 1000 people were accomodated in the evacuation centres set up by the Prague 7 office. The water level reached its peak on Wednesday 13th August at about 3 o´clock. The water culminated at the flow of 5800 cubic meters per second, so the normal flow was exceeded sixty six times.
The flood in 2002 was the biggest natural disaster in Prague´s history. The damages reached estimated 7 bilion crowns only in Prague.

After the floods Prague City Hall decided to get the anti-flood barriers, so the whole area of Prague 7 would be protected in case of other flood.


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