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Letná chateau

Letenský zámeček is the small chateau built in 1863 as a restaurant styled like Italian suburb villa. In the same place, there used to be the folly called Belveder since 1715, which was built by František Valdštejn. After just few decades in 1742, the polly was blown up by French soldiers.The architectual design of chateau  was made in new renessaince-style  by the  architect Vojtěch Ignác Ullman. Chateau was owned by Prague municipality, which hired it  to various operators.

The restaurant became very popular after 1891, when the funicular railway leading from the exhibition site in Holešovice  was built. At the same time the first Prague tram route starting at Royal Game Park (Stromovka) had its final stop close to Letná Chateau. This tram was engineered by the famous Czech inventor František Křižík. 

 The restaurant was restored in 1992 and the separate restaurants in the chateau were given the names Belcredi (the Austrian politican of Italian origin, who was the deputy of  Austrian emperor in the  Czech lands) and Ullmann (architect of the building).

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