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The Church of St. Anthony

The church of St. Anthony of Padua

The church of St. Anthony of Padua is the most significant sacred building in the area of Prague 7. In the beginning of the 20th centrury the growing  community of Christians in Prague 7 needed the new church. In 1908 the foundation stone  was laid, but the construction works were soon interupted due to the lack of money. In 1912 the works were started again, the church was finished two years later and consencrated on 25th October 1914. The church  was realized in pseudo-gothic style and is 51 meters long and 21 meters high, each tower (incl. the jag) 68 meters high.
The church´s frontal was firstly decorated by the statues of St. Anthony, St. Cyril and St. Method, later the statues of St. Wenceslas and St. Ludmila were added.
The church itself strongly resembles the St. Tyne´s cathedral, located at Old Town square in Prague 1.   

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