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The Fair Trade Palace

The Fair Trade Palace (Veletržní palác) belongs to one of the most significant buildings situated in Prague 7 area. The building was constructed according to the design created by the architects Oldřich Tyl and Josef Fuchs in the years 1925-1929.  The original aim of the investors was to build three palaces, but only one was later finished due to the lack of financial resources. The palace was first project designed in the constructivism style in Prague and at the time of its origin The Fair Trade Palace was the largest building of its kind in the world (28.000 sq. meters on two central exhibition areas). The palace served its purpose (fair trades) until 1939 and then in the years 1945-1949. During the WWII the palace was used as the gathering site for the Jews from Prague  before they were transported to the concentration camps. After 1951, it was used by several foreign trade companies as their headquarters. On 14th August 1974 the Palace completely burnt down. Four years later in 1978 the Palace was overtaken by the National Gallery and after a long and  costing reconstruction it was reopened in December 1995 and the collection of Czech contemporary art has been exhibited there since. In 2000 the 19th century collection was placed there as well.

The opening hours:
Tue -Sun   10 a.m.- 6 p.m.  (closed on Monday)  

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