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Future of Prague 7

In a few recent years, there has been significant development of Prague 7 area. Especially Holešvice, once an industrial heart of Prague, offers the developers many opportunities to build both residential houses  and offices. (The location of these projects  seems to be ideal- very close to the city centre and many former industrial sites to be re-developed.) Holešovice is very close to the very centre of Prague and there are still relatively lot of space to be changed, so it is very probable, that Prague 7 will profit from these advantages also in the future.

Some of the most significant projects already realized or under construction :


Prague Marina 
No doubt, that the project of Prague Marina is the most ambitious project concerned with the future of Prague 7 area. The former docks in Holešovice will be transformed in five steps  into the modern site with thousand luxury apartments, office premises, restaurants and cafés. Currently the majority of original buildings in the docks has been taken down. However  the original building of the Holešovice port will remain the part of the whole complex and it will become the symbolic gate to the newly formed residential area.    The entire area will be protected against the floods (up to a level exceeding the 2002 floods) .    The first stage of the construction includes the building of 188 apartments in three residential houses and has started back in August 2006. When completed the complex will have almost one thousand apartments. The investment is supposed to reach the sum of 500 million dollars. 

More information on Prague Marina complex here 
 prague marina 01.jpg   marina 2.jpg    marina 2.jpg  marina duben 2008.jpg   

A7 Arena Holešovice
The A7 Arena is the project of the revitalization of the old brewery in lower Holešovice, located between the streets Komunardů, Na Maninách, U Uranie and U průhonu.
The reconstruction is divided into two periods. The first period  started back in 2002 by reconstructiong the main building of the brewery. Currently this building is home to the publishing house Ringier and supermarket Albert.  
The second phase of the reconstuction is due to begin in the spring 2008 and the investor plans to build 129 apartments and 26 lofts in the remaining buildings of this complex. Most of these apartments have already been sold or booked.

More information on A7 Arena complex here
A7 Arena.jpgpivovar.jpg

The Lighthouse
The building-up of the Lighouse (located on the left Vltava bank next to Libeň bridge) is the first step of the ambitious plan to renew the former Holešovice port. The Lighthouse (togehter with the Prague Marina) has been financed by the company Lighthouse Vltava Waterfront Tower Ltd.The building itself provides more than 22.000 sq. meters of office facilities on 18 floors.
The offices have been rented  by various important companies ( Konica Minolta, Appian Group).

More info on Lighthouse here 
lighthouse 2.jpglighthouse.jpgThe Lighthouse building.jpg

Classic 7 Business
Another big project curretly being prepared in the area of Prague 7 is Vltava River Park. There are two building originally used as flour mills, later as storages, they were projected by the architect Bohumil Hypšman in 1910.
The investor´s intention si to rebuild the site into the modern complex of apartments, administrative offices and shops  while preserving the original architecture.

More info on Classic 7 Business Park here
mlýny.jpg  mlýny.jpg

River Lofts 
River Lofts in Jankovcova street is another ambitious residential project in Prague 7 (situated very close to Prague Marina). There will be 152 apartments ranging from 36 to 152 square meters in five separate buildings . The project has been financed by the developmet enterprise Keen capitals, the company Subterra has been in charge of the construction works. The sale of apartments started back in 2006, by now more than half  of them has been sold or booked.

More info on River Lofts here
river lofts.jpg


Avenium is another residential project currently underway. It is placed on the site of the former Tesla factory, very close to the Lighthouse and Tokovo skyscrapers. The Avenium will offer 118 apartments in two separate houses joined by the corridor and the inner garden of more than 1000 square meters. First inhabitans are supposed to move in in October 2008.

More info on Avenium here 
 avenium použít.jpg

The redevelopment of the former railway station Bubny
Probably the biggest development project is planned on the site of the former railway station Bubny. The land was bought by the French development group ORCO from the Czech Railways for 1,1 bn CZ crowns in 2006. The investor´s plans to redevelop the 26 hectares of the former railtrack is really very ambitious. The office buildings should occupied at least half of this land (600.000 sq meters), which is  one  third of the current office space in whole Prague. ORCO will try to lure the foreign companies´ headquarters into these office premises, as it is very close to the airport (15 minutes by the planned flier train)  and very close to the city centre at the same time. Approximatelly the third of the project´s area should serve for the residential houses and  the shops. The remaining space will be offered to  either public or private university to place here the university campus and there is also field ready for building  the hospital.
The whole area is supposed to be fully restored by the end of the year 2016 with the total investment exceeding 20 bn CZ crowns.

The investors and developers (with the support of Prague 7 city district) realizing the activities in the area of Prague 7 set the association  Nová Praha 7 (New Prague 7), that should inform the people living in the area about the planned projects and their progression. The association also intend to organize the meetings with the experts on urban development, discussions with Prague 7 citizens and reresentatives of various concerned organizations


The tunnel Blanka

Currently the most significant infrastructure project linked with Prague 7 area is the constrution of the tunnel Blanka. Although the first plan to build it as the part of the Prague´s inner circuit appeared in the early 1980s,  the construction works started in 2007 and the tunnel is supposed to be completed in the autumn of 2011. Its aim is to connect Špejchar in prague 7 with the intersection Pelc-Tyrolka in Prague 8 on the other side of the river Vltava. The lenghth  of the tunnel  -5,5 kilometers will make it the longest tunnel in Prague and the budget (estimated 26bn Czech crowns) will also make it the most expensive infrastrucutre  project in Prague for  decades.
The investor (Prague City Hall) and the projectors are convinced, that the tunnel should serve some of the traffic passing from Letná to the centre, while others fear that the tunnel will also bring in inter city drivers who now pass around the city rather than going through it. The critics of the project also claim, that it would be much better to complete the  building of the outer city circuit first before starting the construction of the inner circuit. The construction of the tunnel will also influence the life of Prague inhabitans and tourists in a few ways, including the the temporary diversion of the tram routes, closing of the street Milady Horákové or higher level of pollution.





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